Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When you are in a place for sometime, sooner or later you'll have to deal with the haircut (Haarschnitt) problem.

I have mine cut really short before I left for Germany, but after about 3 months it had grown to a point that I couldn't stand it anymore. My hair was poking my eyes and ears, and it was especially uncomfortable during summer time. But the problem was it's very hard to find a hairdresser who are willing to speak English.

For guys like me I didn't have to describe a lot on what I want, but I certainly didn't want to have it shaved or dyed. So Martin kindly agreed to take me to his usual spot and help me describing what I want. To our surprise, however, the place was full, and even we tried another 4 places nearby they were all full.

On the next day, I decided to go on an adventure without Martin. With some help from Ricardo I got this piece of paper:

Cheat sheet for "Short haircut", with illustrative figure.
I went to the place Martin took me to, and waited in line. When my turn came, I thought I'd simply walk up and show the lady the cheat sheet. But she told me something that I'm pretty sure wasn't "please go over there" in German. The only word I understood was "moment", which means "wait".

So I waited for something I didn't really know for another 10 minutes. Turns out it was for an available spot so my hair can be washed. 

Then the rest was pretty easy, I just showed her the cheat sheet, she looked at it and grinned.

Eventually, only two words were used for the whole cutting process:

Hairdresser: OK?
Me: Perfect.

And this is how I look:
Me after haircut, with Photo Booth's effect.
It's really not bad, and with 11euro you get a hair wash and cut. So I'm happy.

O, in case you want to know, the place is called "Cutman".

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