Sunday, July 22, 2012

Discovering Magdeburg

Some people like to hop from place to place to see as many places as possible. I on the other hand prefer staying in one place and explore within.

Having been staying in Magdeburg for a bit over 4 months, I'm getting used to the city. But apart from the last time Jens showing me along the River Elbe, I haven't done much exploration. Knowing that my friends are coming to visit me I decided to explore the city a bit and scout the place around.

It was a Sunday and the weather was gorgeous. My first stop was the town hall (Rathaus). It's at a plaza and was basically empty. Because of that I got a chance to take a really awesome panorama with my phone app: Photosynth.

Panorama taken in the plaza in front of the Rathaus (the building with statue in its front).

After that I walked towards the river and checked out a number of churches. It's amazing that there were quite a few churches just within a 500m radius.

St. John's Church, the oldest parish church in Magdeburg (first mentioned in 941).
Typical twin tower design with one used as a clock.
St. Petri Parish Church, built in around 1150, need to go north a bit and towards the river to find it.
The famous Magdeburg Cathedral, locals call it "the Dom".  Destroyed in a city fire in 1207,  reconstructed in 1209. Used to be a palatine and residence of the governor as well.

To conclude this wonderful little exploration, I went back to the plaza and ordered a coffee at a coffee house right next to it. It's a place I was planning to go for a long time. The coffee was great and relatively cheap for a place at the city centre (1.5 euro).

Not complete without a good cup of coffee at the cafe named after the town hall.

 I was very glad that I had this chance to discover the city a bit more. It's peaceful and enjoyable.

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