Friday, May 25, 2012

Amazing trip to München - Day 1

Many of my friends asked if I would travel around during my Germany stay. Well, I'd certainly try but I have the constraint of time and most importantly, money. But then I'm fond of Germany and if there is an opportunity I would mostly take it.

My friend/colleague, Betty, was having another Europe tour and was going to stop by Munich (München in German). It was a great opportunity as it's going to be a long weekend and we haven't seen each other since last Dec. So I decided to go.

It has been a while since I have to plan for my transportation, accommodation and activities, and my very first time to take a long train ride (and I found out some tips, which will be in a separate blog entry). Luckily my brother had just been there a month ago and he gave me some good advice.

Top 5: A 6hour ride from Magdeburg to Munich, 1 stop at Leipzig.
Bottom 4: Munich city, Dinner with Betty, Hans and Pablo.

We booked a suite at Meininger Hostel, which was about 18min of walk from the main station. The hostel was nice and quite clean. The reception area was dim and rudimentary, but the rooms were pretty good. It costed about 22euro per night, which was acceptable, though could be cheaper as the breakfast and in-the-room wifi were not included. Plus it's relatively far from the main station, when compared to hostels that were just 3min of walking distance.

On my way to the hostel I met a group of 4 girls from France, they had names that were hard to remember except the blond called Olivia. I also met a fellow dude, Tom, from HKUST, as he was wearing a t-shirt bearing it's name. He was also on exchange in Germany and was visiting Munich just like me.

We asked the reception for recommendation for dinner and he told us about a Bavarian restaurant just across the street. It was a nice restaurant with a cozy dining room on the left and a beer hall on the right. We ordered a typical dinner with a main dish and a beer. I told Betty to try out the famous Bavarian Schweinshaxe, which was essentially a pig shoulder. I was amazed she single handedly finished the entire dish. Way to go!

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