Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nice afternoon along Elbe River

17 May was a holiday in Germany.

It was very nice of Jens to take me on a nice bike tour around Magdeburg. Along the way he told me about the history of Magdeburg and where some of the buildings came from. One particular interesting story he told me was a "rock-bed" in the Elbe River: 

A huge cathedral called "Dom" was built about 200m away from the Elbe River >800 years ago, and sometime later the locals wanted to make the river deeper so bigger and more ships could sail through. But when they tried to dig into the "rock-bed", they found out the entire cathedral was shaking! Turns out that the cathedral was built on a huge and stable rock which extended all the way to the river. So only half of the river could be deepened. What a story!

Later we stopped at a nice cafe with a great view of the river and an old bridge.

Nice coffee spot (the cake tasted like ice cream!)
Afterwards we biked to the island and saw a lot of youngsters and police. There seemed to have a concert happening but we didn't see any stage or band... perhaps we were too early. Later we went to a restaurant and I finally got a chance to try out a Bavarian dinner:

Small Schweinshaxe, and a brown beer.
We had a nice talk about our experiences in other countries and thoughts about technology. I was happy that we shared common views on a lot of things.

Really appreciate the tour and the dinner! Thanks man!

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