Sunday, May 27, 2012

Amazing trip to München - Day 3

This was my third day in Munich, and my train was leaving at 13:16.

After checking out my room at 10am I had a few hours of free time. I didn't plan for anything and I didn't want any transportation. So I just chilled in the hostel lobby for a while and took a walk around the neighborhood.

When I was checking out I met two groups of girls, both from Hong Kong. It seemed that they didn't know each other but were all going to Berlin as their next stop. It's funny to meet so many HK people, and they were all groups of girls. I think they were a bit intimidated when a guy suddenly approached and spoke their own language.

At around 11am I walked to a church nearby and the service was about to begin. I didn't go in as I didn't know when it would end, plus I won't be understanding anything anyway.

It was the St. Paul's Church and it was quite a magnificent building. It didn't have the fancy ceiling as the St. Peter's Church I went on the previous day, but the entrance was still nice. The interior was very simple: some benches, a platform, and some color glasses. Though with the bells as the only sound around, it was quiet serene.

Just next to the church there was an interesting infrastructure, which turned out to be an elevator to the U-Bahn. Guess it's made for the convenience of the church goers.

Elevator to the U-Bahn. An unassuming infrastructure on a plain ground.

My overall impression on Munich is it is a structured city with close but clear cut of activities. In the centre part it is very busy with lot of shops and restaurants. But once you are away from that area by just 10 minutes of walk, everything suddenly becomes quiet. The streets are very long and very structured.

Very long street with buildings old and new.

Also, the price for everything is higher than other parts of Germany. There aren't much things that make Munich stand out from other frequently visited cities. But as a glimpse at a modern busy German city at the South it's worth a stop. An interesting place to stay, but you'll probably only need 2-3 days to see the most of it.

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