Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Big Mac" is the international word.

Go to anywhere in the world and you'll likely still find a McDonald's. I personally don't go there often, but on Saturday I wanted to bike around and have dinner outside. Not fully capable of ordering a full meal in a German restaurant yet I decided to settle it with McDonald's. No surprisingly I quickly found one on Google map (there were actually 2 McDonald's around, the other one was at the train station) and planned my route so that I could stop by in the middle for dinner.

I didn't even had to use an German at all... just "Big Mac meal" and it worked.

All you need to say is "Big Mac meal".

It's basically the same thing I have in other countries. And the big mac is not big at all. I was expecting bigger portions, given that it costed me 5.99euro.

As a comparison, if I buy the same meal in Hong Kong (this would be a Big Mac meal with a fries and drink upgrade), this would cost me around 30hkd, which is about 2.9euro.

They say Hong Kong's Big Mac meal is amongst the cheapest around the world. This is TRUE. So don't forget to get one when you travel to Hong Kong!!

I was also trying to learn how to say "for here" or "to go". And later on I was taught: "für hier" or "zum mitnehmen".

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  1. I'm not sure how the price compared to Austria's. When I first got here, I do the exchange in my head. Now, I just see them as if they are in Canadian dollars, which is probably not a good idea :P