Monday, March 19, 2012

Ich möchte eine tasse doppio Cappuccino

Most of my friends know I'm fond of good coffee. And I'll look for a coffee place wherever I go. So when I was learning a few essential German, ordering coffee was on my list. Interestingly the second chapter of the German language book I bought already was teaching that, though it's to ask if someone wants to have a coffee (probably they expect the next thing after greeting a person would be to ask him/her out for a coffee):

Drinken Sie eine tasse Kaffee?

But what if I just want to order a coffee for myself? A few chapters later it taught me how to order things. So I combined that and got this:

Ich möchte eine tasse Kaffee.

Equipped with this know-how I boldly went to a coffee shop today (with Martin and Jens) and ordered my first cup of coffee in Germany. To my surprise, there wasn't any coffee! All they had was those Expresso, Mochaccino, Americano (closed to regular coffee), Cappuccino ...etc. And they had difference sizes (for sure...)!

So I improvised:

Ich möchte eine tasse doppio Cappuccino.

Here "doppio" is "double" in Italian, which means medium in this context.

And it was a SUCCESS!

Successfully ordered a medium-size Cappuccino in German. Ah, the taste of achievement!

The lady making the coffee was smiling, so were the 2 guys in the front and the lady at the back. I could only hope they were appreciating my effort =D

And the coffee was grrrrreat! Will go again and order in German with more confidence next time.

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