Monday, March 19, 2012

A very German dinner

Before I left for Germany, people told me Germany was famous for sausages and beer, and sooner or later I'll get a taste of that. Well, I did on my second night.

Martin has kindly invited me to his place for a BBQ dinner with his family and some of his friends. It was a nice house with a great backyard. In the backyard there was a table, a few chairs, and of course the BBQ stove. I wanted to help but apparently he had everything covered, all I could do was lighting some candles (yeah, it's very cozy along with the ambient music).

The way they barbecued was different from the typical Canadian gas-tank way, it was also different from our proud Hong Kong everyone-gather-around-the-brick-built-stove way. It's the old fashioned (yet effective) charcoal way.

So what did I have? Look.

My dinner. Sorry for the image quality, it's my phone and it was dark outside (perhaps they should invent a candle-mode).

On the left, is a bottle of beer made in Germany. Then the mustard, ketchup, sausage, and bread. So here you are, sausage and beer.

However, there is a misconception about Germans being beer-lovers. From what I heard and people I've talked to so far, very few Germans actually drink lots of beer. Most of them prefer wine instead, though a typical beer bottle is half a litre.

It was a great experience and I cannot thank Martin enough for inviting me over. For a person who just came here for the first time for the first few days, this was a very friendly gesture.

But that's not the end of my first taste of Germany. You might have heard that Germany is a place where bicycle is very popular. 

And that's how I got back. A ride at the night that was chilly outside, but with a warmed heart inside by the great hospitality.

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