Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ubiquitous vending machines

As we all know vending machines are everywhere. Next to classrooms, inside airports, outside a store... etc. What's more interesting is they sell all kinds of things. Apart from typical snacks and drinks, you can also find electronics (in airports, by Bestbuy), special promotional drinks (Coke that becomes slush when shaken), and even gold (see:

The interesting one I saw was from the on-campus cafeteria.

A vending machine selling drinks, except the last one.
Looks normal, right? Look closer... the last item was actually Maggi sauce!

As cautioned by Jens, never press that button unless you knew you were looking for sauce, instead of a drink. But why would someone include this in a vending machine which is supposed to be selling drinks?

Anyway, now I know where to get sauce if I need it. But it costs the same as a Nescafe drink... guess it's only for those who need it badly.

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